Incorrect Results of 0% with Safari and Firefox

I have a 3 slide, 2 question storyline project. It works fine in IE, Chrome,  but with Safari and Firefox, even when I click the correct answers for 2 slides, I get a 0%.

I've published to HTML 5 for my lms, LearnDash.

I've un-selected the launch in new window in the Articulate player.

I have added a short javascript to have a submit button on the parent page automatically click when the articulate timeline ends. It works as well in IE and Chrome.

I've read people having problems with incorrect results on ipads/mobile devices, but I'm testing on desktops.

Any ideas?



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Bruce Sahud

Just to add some more info:

I've tested other projects now and it doesn't seem to be the javascript.

Other storyline projects having same 0% results on results slide when done in Safari. Also, when it's a text-entry question, if I click the enter button it comes up as wrong. If I click the 'check' button, it says Correct.

Same project tested on Chrome? No problem. I can click enter or 'check' and it works correctly and scores correctly.