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Brian Allen

Scroll down here and check out quality settings in step 4, this might help: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/publishing-a-project-for-web.aspx

Over all, if you are recording a large screen size and then scaling it (up or down) to a different size, then your quality is going to vary.  The best results are generally when you can record pretty close if not the same size window as what you plan to use in your story project.

Hope this helps,


Brian Allen

dave lees said:

Thanks Brian, my issue was that I have the course set to scale to 100% of the browser window and the screen recording wasn't looking very good once scaled ... I found that capturing the video at a higher resolution with the same perspective fixed the issue

Dave, thanks for posting your resolution here in Heroes!  Another trick we have used before when clarity/quality is important is to lock the player size and not allow the learner to expand it to full screen.  This will ensure that your audience views the screen recording at the quality you intended.

dave lees

Hi Prince, just record your screen recording at a higher resolution but the same display size ... i.e if your playback is going to be at 800 X 600 then bump up your resolution a bit to say for example 960 X 720 (120%) then resize to your stage size of 800 X 600, this way if you scale up the presentation it will be clearer.

Donna Copeland

Sorry to ask the same basic question, but I am new to both Storyline and recording screencasts. When initially recording a software seen in a monitor displaying 1680 x 1050 resolution (with SL size defaulted to 720 x 540), we could barely read the field names or links in the various menus.  I tried reducing the monitor's resolution to 1280 x 960, then recorded the screencast by resizing the SL recording size to be the same as the new screen.  When I inserted it into the new project as a group of 'step by step' slides, I then modified the SL size to go from the default of 720 x 540 to 900 x 720, which did improve both the quality of the text links and increase the size.  Would it make any further improvement if I scaled up once more to the 1280 x 960 or 1080 x 810?

What I am foggy about is if we change the recording window's size and then record our screencast and insert into one of the "view scene" or "try scene", what happens when you then change the SL size?  It is changing the size it was recorded in to whatever we ask it to change to, so we are scaling the recording up or down, right?