Increasing Spam on Boards

May 29, 2012


Is there any quick-fix, such as as the "Are you human?" checker we had on the Beta Bug Post that can be added to the forums to stop the increasing (?) spam attacks?

I am assuming that these are done in some automated way, however, it does seem to be becoming a more constant feature over the last few weeks.


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Hugh Gardner

Gerry Wasiluk said:

At the very least, a BIG, BIG "thank you" to the Articulate staff for being so vigilant and responsive in keeping the forums clean from spam. 

It's not "glory work" but it is tremendously appreciated.

Indeed, the staff presence and community being so active here helps a lot in flagging objectionable or spam content right away.  It's hard to develop a fix that isn't a burden for legit folks.  Bruce's suggestion of "I am a human" is probably the best and leanest, but there also seems to be a growing number of human spammers who manually cut and paste their speal into forums as well.  Too many countermeasures and you risk stifling conversation, too little and you get the pharma adds, knockoffs etc.  

Jan Vilbrandt

Spam Posts in this Forum.


I wanted to report this thread as "spam" and tried to contact David Anderson or Leslie and someone else of the "staff". But they do not accept any contact.

And there is no "Report as spam" link beneath the posting...

My question:

Caan you add a function to report spam?

Brian Gil

This morning we added an additional spam prevention measure. I can't get into the details as I don't want to educate the spammers but I'm confident it will significantly curtail the spam activity.

Be assured that we recognize the pain spam causes and will continue to evolve our prevention methods as necessary.

As always, thanks for being Heroes!

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