Indenting in Menu

Is there a way to indent more than one slide at the same time in the built in menu in Storyline?  For example I have a topic slide and underneath that topic slide I have 60 other slides that all need to be indented in the menu.  Instead of indenting them on at a time I would love to select all of them and indent.  Is this possible?  I tried the shift click and control click but nothing seems to work.



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John Blum

Hi Ashley,

Has this new feature request gotten any closer to being implemented since this discussion was posted 4 years ago.  Since June 2018, most of my courses have hundreds of slides, and being able to multi-select  would save quite a lot of time when working on the menu.

Related to this would be to have an setting to hide all scene name slides.  An option for this setting would be to outdent the first slide of each scene and indent the remaining slides of each scene.  This setting an option would automate the entire indenting process and save a great deal of time when working on the menu of large courses.

Thank you,