Independent Correct Hot Spots that change states

Hello everyone!

 I need to test a person’s knowledge of where the location of a specific nerve is on the arm. I am showing them a black and white picture of the front and back arm nerves. There are 18 different nerves (9 on the front view, 9 on the back view).  When they click on a nerve I would like it to change to a color on both the front and back side of the arm.  I have to take into account the correct nerve could be select on the front or back of the arm.

 I found several posts in the community, but they do not quite fit what I need to do.  I’m wondering if any of you may have suggestions. Thanks for any help! 

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kathy mclaughlin


Thanks for the inspiration. I played around with your example and was able to create a variation.

 I realized that once a freeform was created, another freeform can be added to the states. I knew from your example the normal state could be set to transparency on both images. So I could create both the anterior and posterior view on the same freeform. Yah!  

 I also wanted the learner to change their mind before clicking Submit. To do this their previous choice needed to be reset to the beginning. Again, seeing your example I used triggers to set the states to Normal (reset) if any of the other freeforms were set to Selected.

 Finally, I wanted this slide to be a quiz. Again, from your post I converted this to a Freeform Pick One.  The only downside was I had to rebuild the states, but really that was not a big deal. 

Thanks for the ideas!