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Jul 28, 2013

I want my LMS (SCORM Cloud) to only show users the HTML5 version of my course, regardless if Flash is installed. Since that doesn't seem to be an SL option, I've edited the imsmanifest.xml file to point directly to "index_lms_html5.html" instead of "index_lms.html" and the results seem to be good BUT should I expect any issues with this manual edit in terms of reporting, tracking, etc? Is there something in the "index_lms.html" that has to load that I'm not aware of or am I good with this override? Please advise.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Jason.

I see no problem with this approach.  One of the primary functions of index_lms.html is to kick the learner to index_lms_html5.html if the learner is using an iPad or other non-Flash compatible browser.

Having said that, I'd be remiss if I failed to state that Articulate cannot support the modification of published output, and that you should plan to test like crazy before going live.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Archana Gollamudi

Hi - Piggybacking on this thread - Could we point it instead to index_html5.html? I'm wondering what the difference between index_lms_html5.html and index_heml5.html is?

The reason being, when I changed the link to index_lms_html5.html, I noticed a delay in the loading of the course. It took a good 30 seconds to load, but with the previous link (index_lms.html), it would load instantly. It also loads promptly when pointed to index_html5.html. But I don't know what the difference is between the filename with lms and the one without. Does anyone know? Cornerstone is my LMS. TIA!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Archana, 

The course links that end in _html5.html vs. _lms.html are the HTML5 vs. Flash output. We'd always recommend pointing to the index_lms.html file for LMS content and then Storyline will determine if it should show Flash or HTML5 based on the browser the user is accessing it through and if Flash is installed. 

Deb Hazen

Hi, Ashley. 

I understood that pointing to the launch file is something that happens on the LMS side/changing the manifest. We've got some some confusion about whether there is a setting  we choose within Articulate before publishing that handles this. Please advise.  Also, if we don't launch in a new window, will we still see problems with browsers accepting an exit trigger? Or has that been resolved?

Thanks so much!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Deb!

I'm happy to help! If your LMS requires you to identify the file that launches your course, we recommend pointing to index_lms.html for SCORM/AICC content or story.html for Tin Can API content.

You shouldn't have any issues using the Exit Course trigger in a browser. Would you mind explaining what happens with the Exit Course trigger? 

If you wouldn't mind sharing your file, here's a private upload link so that we can take a look at the course!

Katie Riggio

Hi Jude,

How can I tell if older published files are HTML5 compliant? 

That's a great question. First, it will depend on which publish format option was selected:

HTML5 This publishes your course as HTML5-only output.
HTML5/Flash This publishes your course as HTML5 first with Flash fallback. Learners will see HTML5 output if they're using a supported HTML5 browser. If not, they'll see Flash output.
Flash/HTML5 This publishes your course as HTML5 first with Flash fallback. Learners will see HTML5 output if they're using a supported HTML5 browser. If not, they'll see Flash output.
Flash This publishes your course as Flash-only output.

In Storyline 360 Updates 34 and earlier, the published output always included _flash and/or _html5 files.

  • If published to Flash-only, you'll see story.html, story_flash.html in the published output
  • If published to HTML5-onlystory.html, story_html5.html
  • If published to HTML5/Flash or Flash/HTML5: story.html, story_html5.html, story_flash.html

In Updates 35 and later, the published output only includes the _flash and/or _html5 files when both HTML5 and Flash formats are selected.

Let me know if any more thoughts pop up. We're also happy to take a look at any files in question!

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