Individual feedback for quiz answers?

Feb 18, 2014


I am trying to create individual feedback for each answer using the freeform. However, it doesn't allow me to enter the feedback for each answer. Does this need to be created on separate slides? Did I miss a step or a setting?


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Mike Taylor

Couple of ways you could do that depending on how & when you want to show the correct answer. One way would be to create a numeric variable to track how many attempts they've made to answer the question. You can find the steps for setting that a variable to count attempts here

Create a review layer that indicates what the correct answer is.

Then modify the feedback layers for the incorrect answers to have the continue button display your Review layer if the attempt count is equal to or greater than 2. If it's less than two the continue button should just hide the current layer so they can try again. 

On your review layer you could have a button that takes them to the next slide. 

Mike Taylor

Actually since it's a quiz question Storyline will automatically include an "Attempt Count" variable so you can just use that instead of creating your own.  

Create a new "Review" layer that indicates the correct answer. Include a Continue button that takes them to the next slide when clicked.

You'll add a trigger to the Continue button that will Show the Review Layer - When Clicked - IF  "Attempt Count" is greater than or equal to 2 (and remove the existing one that jumps to the next slide)

I've attached a quick example for you to take a look at. 

Kai ...

Thanks Buddy! 99% there.

One last question. Do I need to make a new layer for the correct answer after the 2nd attempt was wrong and I'd want the user to see the correct answer or can I just direct them to the correct layer ( already created by free form) with a trigger based on the variable on the incorrect slides? Does that make sense? 

Mike Taylor

By default the correct layer doesn't provide any indication of what the correct answer actually is. It just tells them their answer was correct.  But you could modify that correct layer to tell/show them the correct answer in which case you could do without the Review layer.  Either way would work and it is just a matter of what you prefer at that point. 

Jessica Gramp

For some reason I can't see the Feedback by choice option on quiz slides I have already developed. I can only choose this option on new blank quiz slides, which would mean choosing this setting on a new blank slide and then manually copying everything across. Does anyone know a way to enable feedback by choice on an existing multiple answer quiz slide?

Thank you.

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