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Greetings all,

My question is what would be the easiest way to have students be able to access specific slides for reference without having to hit the back button repeatedly or having to view the entire course again. I am hoping to have like a story view where the student can click and view the slide(s) needed. My first thought was to save all the images as a pdf and add as a resource, but I thought I would ask here first. I am using Storyline 2. Thank you for any help with this.


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David Cosme

Thank you for this information. To be more specific however, I am looking for a table of contents that can be placed at the end of the module that students can view and click to a certain slide for review. The slide would then return to the TOC. I am trying to use the menu for this option, but it does not seem to show any of the slide titles, just a grey area. Any advice?

Wendy Farmer
David Cosme

I am trying to use the menu for this option, but it does not seem to show any of the slide titles, just a grey area.

Sorry I'm not following what you mean.

To view the menu you would need to be previewing the entire module not just a scene or a slide - so if you do that are you not able to click to review a slide?  If the menu option is set to free the user can click any menu item and go to the slide, if the menu is set to restricted the user can only review slides they have already visited. Could the menu setting be the issue?

David Cosme

Hello, and thank you for your help with this matter.
I have attached a module that has been completed. To save time for this example, I added the menu option to only slides 2 and 3 and have set the restrictions to free. In the player properties window, the menu is fully visible on the sidebar. When I switch to preview the slide, just the title appears in the menu tab. Thank you again!

Lauren Connelly

Hello David!

To have the menu displayed for the course, you would need to check the "menu" in the Slide Properties as you did with Slides 2 and 3. To do this, go to Story View and select all the slides (control + a). In the right bottom corner is the Slide Properties, and this is where you will need to check the "menu" box. Here's what that looks like.

I've also attached your course here where the menu is displayed during the scene and the learner can click any of the slides.

David Cosme

Thank you for your help with this.
Unfortunately, this solution is not working for me. 
I cannot open your file, as it keeps informing me the "project cannot be opened as it was created in a newer version of Storyline."
I opened another module I created and have followed the steps you listed above above,
and it did not show the menu. Just a blank grey bar with a title. 
Unsure what to do.

David Cosme

Thank you for this info. This was the solution I was looking for!  I am able to view the menu using this option. I do have another question however. If the user does go back to review a certain slide, how can I set the slide to go back to the TOC menu slide instead of proceeding with the next slide? Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated!