Individual Survey Question Results Reporting to LMS

Ok, so I've spent some time on here looking for this specific question, but I can't seem to find it.  I know that I need a results slide in order for my Survey results (created through Quizmaker) to post to my LMS, but I am not sure that I'm doing it all correctly.  Can someone give me the steps to make sure it is reporting?  

I've also reached out to my LMS, Brainier, about how to run a report on this to get answers, but I'm stuck! 

Attached is my survey! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Beth!

I'm happy to help! I'm not familiar with Brainier, but I can show you what the reporting will look like in a Learning Management System. I've tested your course in the SCORM cloud and recorded my screen as I moved through the reporting options. Here's the link.

I'd recommend testing your course in SCORM cloud to play around with the different reporting options. It would also be beneficial to reach out to Brainier to see how to grab reporting option in their LMS.

Please let me know if you have additional questions!