Individual trigger on master slide, to chose a specific "next" page

Dec 19, 2017

Hi E-Learning Heroes, 

We are looking for a solution to define a trigger on master slide, and Individualize this on each slide. 

We are using an individual arrow to go forward in our course. The course is structured like a tree, so we cannot use the next page trigger, we define on each slide specific the next one. 
Now we want to place this arrow on a layer of a master slide, because its always placed at the same position and this layer will be shown by variable true or false.

 We are looking for a solution to define a trigger for this arrow at the master slide, but we want to change individual the slide were the user jumps if he clicks at this arrow. 

Could be like the standard trigger for the player next and back button. Something that occurs automatically on each slide, where we only must define the specific slide.

Thanks a lot 


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Bob O'Donnell

You might be able to use a variable "Reference" on your arrow function set on the master slide. Changing that reference on each individual slides could control which slide it takes you to.

Not sure I follow your note though, as you can set the next slide trigger to go to any individual slide you want to. It doesn't necessarily need to just go to the next slide.

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