Individually score multiple text entry boxes

In a reply to a thread from a couple of years ago, Ashley Terwilliger posted the following:

"Since the multiple text entry is a custom question set up, it won't be included as a part of the results/scoring - so you'd need to set up another question to track the value of that question. Since multiple choice questions allow you to score by answer, you could set it up to "select" the answer that matches the score the user is to receive based on the text entry. You could either move all the items off screen and add additional information there for the user to see - or set it up as a "jump to slide next slide " when timeline starts - and just ensure that trigger appears after the one to set the state of the question. " 


Can someone provide a little more information on how to set this up correctly? It seems to be the only way that I can find to individually score multiple text entry boxes.

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