Info on if Storyline can do something for me

Hi - this is a little bit of an unusual question.  I work for an ASL interpreting agency and I've produced a number of screening videos where an interpreter candidate watches the video.  It contains a person signing in ASL and the person watching will voice what the person is signing.  Then, on the video a voice comes on and the person watching will sign what they hear.  These videos are a way for our staff to determine the skills and abilities of the person being screened.

Here's where it gets tricky and whether Storyline can do this for us.  We want to set this screening system up remotely so the candidate can do it remotely.  The big sticking point is - is there any possible way that Storyline will allow the user to press a button and their face and voice will be recorded as they're watching the screening video.  The recording can then be saved so that the staff can watch it later.  Obviously the person will need a webcam, but we're wondering if Storyline will allow that person to record the video and audio from the webcam and then save the file for us to review later?


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