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Hi everyone,


I need to do an e-learning about the best way to de-assembly a gearbox.

I've got each video in a librarie.

Now i want to play the video automatically, and at different step of the operation i need to tell some informations to the attendees (reference of a tool...).

So, in a perfect world : the information arrive in a specific instant, the media pauses at the same time, at this time: either the information disappear automaticaly after a time (5 sec) and the media resumes or the attendee click on the shape which contains the information (before the end of the time 5sec) and the media resumes as well.

The problem is: i've set the informations at a specific moment 5sec, 10sec, 15sec BUT on the timeline actually!!! (when the media is not in pause) and depending on the time during the media is paused, the second information's box won't arrive a THE specific moment.

Is that clear ?

I can put a trigger to pause the media and the timeline "when the object enters the slide" BUT i can't resume the timeline based on the "when the object leaves the slide" because the time is "frozen"

I don't want that the attendee have to click to resume the media.


someone could help me ?


Thank you

Max from France



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