Informative package without success status

When publishing package as xAPI with enabled tracking option "Track using quiz result" there is no success information in statements. I got only completed statement with completion status once I've met completion requirement. If I have to set up mandatory amount of slides, why not to track the success of viewed slides? I guess if user fulfill all conditions for success, we should have ability to see not only completion, but also success status

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Natalia. I would expect to see both success and completion data if you're using the xAPI standard. Here's what we can try: Upload your output to SCORM Cloud to compare how it reports in that environment. If you see both statuses there, let your LMS know you aren't seeing success information in their environment.

If you don't see success information in SCORM Cloud either, we'd be happy to test your course further with you!

Karl Manning


I am getting the same. I am only seeing "experienced" slide  and the overall results page, not the individual answers to the questions which is what I would expect from the info at

Attached is the output from SCORM Cloud and the test file.