Initial Slide with Button Choices

Hi There,

I'm taxed with creating a non-audio version of a course. I'm simply copying slides and creating the non-audio portion in a separate branch of the course. My question is how do I create a first slide that doesn't automatically go to either branch of the course unless the learner specifically clicks the Audio or No Audio button?

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Michael Hinze

Hi Beth, welcome to the community. There are lots of options to do this. See attached just one of many. In my example, I use the Selected states of the Audio-Yes/No buttons to determine which path to take. For example, if the Yes button is selected and the begin button is clicked then it jumps to a scene that includes audio. Have a look at the setup and see if that works for you.

Beth Sargent

HI Michael,

Thanks so much for your expeditious response and that is actually what I'm attempting to do. However my issue seems to be in Story View (or so I think),  I don't have a separate scene for my audio selection slide/buttons and when I create the buttons I can't have one go to one slide and one go to another.  I'm using one course and duplicating slides within it to create two versions (see below).

I'm new to this so any pointers are really appreciated!

Michael Hinze

Organizing the audio and non-audio slides into different scenes, might make it easier to manage your content, but you can use the same approach, even if you have all slides in one scene. See attached an example with all slide in one scene and one slight difference: the audio selection in the first slide sets a True/False variable that is used to determine if audio in "on" or "off".

One more possibility: You could have ONE set of slides and based on that variable either play or not play the audio. Options, options...