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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mike,

Not sure exactly what you mean here. Can you explain further? Are you referring to text entries?

By default, if you select Insert >Date Entry >Text entry and click to place a text box on the screen, default text appears in the box: "Type your text here." That text can be deleted. Then, when the story plays and the user inputs text, the text is black.

Mike Bethany

Yes, I was specifically talking about input field of the type text but numeric type input fields should act the same way as well.

It's common to have fake info as the prompt to demonstrate the format you want used for data entry. This prompt text is usually grey and italic so the user knows they didn't enter the info themselves. When the user inputs their data the color of the text changes to black (or some other color) and is no longer italic.

See the attached Storyline file for a demo.