Input text data entry not maintaining left-top alignment when previewing the slide.

When I create a text data entry box, (insert->input->data entry->text) the text will be top-left aligned like it is supposed to be. However, when I preview the slide back and click on the text box to input text, it always defaults to left-center. I cannot figure out why this is happening. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I am attaching a movie to demonstrate what is happening.

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Noel Read

Hi, I had a quick look and couldn't replicate your result. The only thing I noticed was that when you go from build to preview mode the 'type your text here' message is gone - by default this usually stays there until you click into it and begin typing. Did you do something for it to not show? If you did, this might be why it's not working. 

I can also see, in the bottom right hand corner of your input box, some diagonal lines. These don't usually show by default either - they normally mean drag here to see more, which would be unusual because there is nothing in there.

I would open up a new story, build a new slide and see if you get the same issue. If you do, then you could try uninstalling and reinstalling Storyline and failing that, contact support and see if they can assist.

Adam Collins


thanks for the reply! The diagonal lines are baked into the screenshot, so that is not being generated by Storyline. Also, in order to simulate the user interface, I put a space in the default text so it appears invisible.

It's interesting, because when I create a new slide without a screenshot, it stays in the left side. If I then add in a .png, it stays left centered. However, if I create a new slide with text entry and add in the .png, it shoots to the middle.