Inputting Chinese Characters into Storyline

Mar 13, 2014


I really did not find a post speaking about wrinting DIRECTLY into Storyline Chinese characters (Simplified) (without any import function, copy/paste from Word).

We have made some investigations. As you may know, inputting chinese into Windows use a specific functionality of input using English keyboard. When they are typing, a screen appears to display which chinese characters you want to input.


This screen is not appearing all the time (like once every 3-4 times and when they are typing, nothing happen)

Did you get already this problem?

I can tell you which configuration and test we have carried out:

  • She is using a english keyboard (hardware)
  • In the system, the keyboard is set up as this:

  •  The text fields are in Arial Unicode MS

We have several teams in China working on Storyline that develop by themselves modules/presentations so it is a very important matters. 

If something is wrong in our configuration and/or not possible in Storyline, please tell me

 Thanks a lot in advance for your support


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HH Alizon

Hello Julien,

The screen to choose Chinese characters is "Sogou" input software which is not the same Chinese input that you highlighted in yellow color. I am not sure if the configuration of "Sogou" is compatible with Storyline given the issue that your team met. This is only my assumption.

Would you please try to use the Microsoft Pinyin input to see if you can always have character propositions? I use French keyboard + Microsoft Pinyin input (Win 7) and have not met the same issue yet. However, I don't often type Chinese in Storyline neither.

I saw the company logo and think it'll be interesting for your team to contact Feiya Wang from SGG in Shanghai who led a similar project in Chinese using Storyline. I assisted her project and didn't hear from her about the Chinese input issue. But I am not sure if she and her team often typed Chinese characters or only imported them or using both of these two ways to input Chinese.

I hope that this will be useful for you.

Kind regards,

Hui Alizon

Julien Martin-Schmitt

Hello Frederico,

Thanks for your feedbacks. My contact in China also said me that with Copy/Paste it works.

However, I think it is not a good and productive way of dealing with this, does Articulate has already pointed out / investigated this issue?

For me it is a big trouble as the population is high and I will prefer to not say to my eLearning local teams that they have to deal with Word and Copy/paste.

I am looking forward for an answer.

Thanks in advance!

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