Insert a Picture from My Network Places

Jul 15, 2013


I tried to insert a picture from My Network Places and got the following error message:

...does not appear to be a supported image format. Please select an image from one of the supported formats.

My picture is a .png. I tried with a .jpeg and got the same error message. If I download the pictures on my desktop, then I am able to insert them.

We would like to insert the pictures from My Network Places so everybody in our team could modify and use the same pictures without having to save them on their desktop.

Have you encounter this problem? Do you know how to solve it? How do you share pictures with your colleagues?

Thanks in advance!

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Adrian Dean

Hi Elaine,

Storyline is meant to be used locally, That means that any resources that need to be inserted would be best done locally as well. With that said, you can use your network share to store images and the like with no issue, it's just if you want to use those images, you'll have to continue doing as you have been.

The reason why we say locally is because of issues of corruption that can occur otherwise, as seen here.


As for the errors themselves, that might be because of a permissions issue.

Always Happy to Help,


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