Insert from Media Library Hangs Storyline

Insert | Audio | Media Library. Storyline 360 behaves as if it's showing me a modal dialog box, but it's not showing me one. And I can't click anywhere else on the main window that it is showing me. Whenever I try, it just dings at me. Only Ctl-Alt-Delete | Task Manager | End Task makes it go away.

I'm using version 3.42.22792 on a Microsoft Surface using Windows 10.



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Katie Riggio

Hello Eric,

I see you're in good hands with Sam! Just stopping by to share a few ideas in case you need an extra hand:

  • If reinstalling doesn't help, repairing Storyline 360 is the next best step. Here's how.
  • If the freezing remains, we're happy to work with you directly to troubleshoot your experience with the media library. Use this link to connect with us.