Insert hot spots at cue points in Storyline

Hi All, 

I'm trying to insert hot spots in a software simulation that was captured via screencast. There is a title that fades away after about 10 seconds of voiceover. When I try to view where the screencast is so I can insert the hot spot on my cue and ensure it's in the right location on the screen, it is still showing the beginning of the timeline and not the cue point, despite having clicked on the cue point. Why won't it show me what the screen actually looks like at that point in the timeline so I can accurately insert my hot spot? See attachment for further. 

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Lupacexi.  Your attachment didn't come though, but I think I understand what you're saying.

During the timeline preview function, you would like to be able to pause at the cue so you can see what the recording looks like to allow you to place your hotspot.  When the timeline preview is stopped, it reverts back to how it looks on the slide stage.  So even though you have a fixed position in time, you need some help figuring out the actual x,y position on the slide.  Does that sound right?

Are you using the screen recording tool in Storyline?  When you insert your screen recording in step-by-step mode, Storyline will create hotspots for you and capture the action across several slides.  Would that work for you?