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Parashuram Vhaval

Hello Sean,

When you insert mouse for first time in the course you are allowed to give direction "Enter from" to it. but for following slide Storyline will consider last known position of the mouse cursor as a starting point. That's why the "Enter from" option is locked on second screen.

If you really want to different starting point on each slide you can always insert an cursor image rather than inserting default mouse pointer provided. And animate it with help of motion paths.

Hope this solves your problem.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sean -- Thanks for reaching out with your question, and I see that Parashuram has stopped in to assist you! If you find that you need additional input or assistance, you may want to check out this article on Adding Mouse Cursors, or you are also welcome to share your file so we can take a closer look. :)

Mica Oli

Yes I know that. I meant to say that I added a mouse cursor in my project but I wasn't able to edit it's direction, even though there weren't any other cursors in the project. 

If I insert a mouse cursor in the first slide, there's no problem, but when I try to put it on a slide later on, that's where the problem arises. I even put the direction I want in the first cursor on the first slide and the cursors I add on next slides don't follow that direction, as if they were independant...

It's a screen recording course, if that helps. I can't add the file right now, but I hope this info helps.