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Steve Flowers

You can't build your own using the built-in character features but you should be able to build your own using built-in states. One of the things I've seen people do is build "slide libraries" of assets to copy and paste into their assemblies. The states feature is pretty handy for making your own "mutable objects".

rebecca britt

I have both Storyline and the Articulate Suite and just received the character pack. While I will be developing a lot in Storyline, I'm getting requests to use the character images in Articulate since not every training piece can be ported to storyline (some facilitators want to be able to edit their slides). Is there a way I can use the images in both programs? I thought when I got the images, they would just be pngs that could be inserted into Storyline or any other program but I had to install them into SL and cannot find the folder on my hard drive where they live.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Rebecca!

You can use the Storyline characters in Articulate Studio ’09 courses, but it’s not a native experience. If you need to reuse an object in another program, right-click it, select “Save as Picture,” and then import the saved picture into your other project.

Articulate Studio ’13 will natively support Articulate characters.  This article might interest you if you want to learn more about character packs: 

Articulate Support - Character pack information

Best of luck with the projects, Rebecca!