Insert published product into movie production


I'd like to create a short screen recordning in storyline but i'd like to use it in movie. Is it possible? I want to make a movie where a person expalins why it is useful to fill in a special form, then I want to insert screen recordning where I can show and tell how I can fill in this specific form. As a result I'd like to have a movie (mp.4) that includes both parts (explanation and showcase). Does anyone have an expirience in this field?

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Mike Enders


Here's what I'd do.

Create your screen recording in Storyline.  When you are done recording, select Done.  This will open up the insert movie dialogue box.  From there, right click on the image of the movie and select "export movie". This will export your movie as an MP4 file.  You can then take that MP4 and integrate it into the movie you're creating.

One tip:  set your screen recording size to the same size as your movie file so that it matches.