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Michael Shannon

Hey Anne.

You most certainly can do this. You'll need to create your 10 quizzes on their respective pages. You can then open the lightbox slide using a trigger when the timeline reaches a specific time on the timeline or when it reaches a cue point. When the quiz if completed and the learner closes the lightbox the video resumes. 

Anne Decker

I've created my quizzes and inserted them into the video with triggers. My question is...

When the learner clicks submit on the last question, is it possible to resume the video without having to click anything? Right now when they click submit on the last question, they get the correct/incorrect message, but nothing else happens. It leaves the learner up in the air as to whether that's the last question or not. They can click the red x on the quiz to resume the video, but I'd like it to resume automatically after submit is clicked the last time.