Insert slide from Master template (Reset to initial state)

Hi Support,

My method is this:

  • Slide Master created
  • I need a new slide, so...
  • Right-click in Scene and "New Slide"
  • New Slide created.  In the slide properties "Automatically decide" is always shown (see attachment 1.png).

When I insert a new slide how do I set a global setting where "Automatically decide" is always "Reset to initial state" for all new inserted slides.

Thank you for your time.


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Ron Price

"Reset to Initial State" is what will happen for the" Automatically Decide" setting unless there are interactive elements.

However, it is very easy to change them all after they are built.  Select a slide in Story View. With that Slide selected, press Control-A on your keyboard. This will select all slides in your scene. Pressing Control-A one more time will select all of the slides in your story.  With all of the slides selected you can make slide property adjustments to all of them at once.