Insert Sound from File Not Working in Storyline

Apr 07, 2014

Good morning, I am running into the strangest thing (although I did find one question asked last year about it).  I click the Sound from File option, and it brings up the browse to file window.  I locate the file, and then click the file to open it - the progress window displays, but then a flash and nothing ends up being added to the slide.  Unlike the previous string, there is no speaker icon at all - just nothing.

The one file I attempted adding the audio was an older one that I was re-using, but I did try it also with a brand new file.

Anyone else running into this?

Update 5: 1401.2415

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Brent Berheim

OK - upon thinking about different ways to make this happen, I remembered to try saving this to my hard drive as opposed to a shared drive.

It works now.

Articulate - any rational as to why it is always suggested that we need to work on our hard drive as opposed to a shared drive?  It is a real nuisance when you are working with multiple designers on a single piece to have various versions saved to people's hard drive, and never being sure which is the latest version.

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