File format when inserting voice and captions/subtitles in Storyline 3

Aug 12, 2019

I have developed a course where a subcontractor records voice-over and will deliver subtitles in four languages.

Which is the best format to publish the files for voice-over and subtitles so that they sync with each other automatically when you insert the files in Storyline 3? Is this possible or do you need to manually adjust captions / subtitles?

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Phil Mayor

The subtitles should use the timecode which will then be defined in the SRT.

There are best practices for how to subtitle, when items such as numbers or names are mentioned or shown on screen the subtitle should match. It iis more of a technical issue as how you will show more than one subtitle/caption with the same audio file

Malin Carlsson

This was so easy! This was how I did it:

  • Voice-over file had the name "2.1.1" in the format Wave Sound
  • Subtitles had the name "2.1.1" in the format SRT File. This file was also time adapted to the voice over by the subcontractor.
  • Then I insert the voice-over file as sound.
  • Clicked and marked the voice-over file in the timeline
  • Choose "import" but the add captions.

All the captions/subtitles was then placed exactly were the should be to match the voice-over! Simple and perfect!

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