Insert Triggers into a Marker's label box?

Storyline 360 Windows 7 64 bot OS

Is it possible to insert/embed a trigger into a Marker's label box?

I have a quiz course with Review layers. The Review layer contains Markers to provide additional text information.

I would like to also be able to insert a graphic into the body of a Marker's label box with a trigger that plays a video so the user can choose to watch a video (or not).

I can insert a graphic into the Marker's label box, but how do I apply a trigger to that graphic to Show a layer to play the video?

Is this beyond the functionality of a Marker?

I included a screenshot describing what I mean as well as the STL file with one question (hot spot) slide.

(to be security compliant, I pixelated the heck out of the screenshot)

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Crystal Horn

Hi Katie!  I think that's a really cool idea, but you're right.  It's a little beyond the functionality of a marker.  The media that you insert in a marker doesn't become a separate item on the timeline, so there's no way to attach a trigger to it.

Could you build a custom marker?  If you do, you'll have every part of it listed on the timeline, and you'll then be able to attach triggers.

Hoping you get some other good suggestions on this one!