Inserted Flash resizes Storyline player smaller after publishing


Lets say I insert a Flash file into Storyline. I have my player set to "display at user's current browser size" and "scale player to fill browser window." That will normally maximize the player on any browser. Then I publish...

The published output opens to the maximum browser size as usual, filling my browser. But when I get to the slide with the Flash object, the player scales all the way back down to the Story Size of 733 x 550, which is super-tiny on my 2550 x 1440-pixel monitor. Once it's forced down to that resolution, it stays there--no matter which slide I go to.

How can I make the player stay at the same maximum size in my browser, and still keep my Flash .swf file in the Storyline module?

(By the way, that particular Flash file works in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. It also opens in Adobe's standalone Flash player. And this problem has happened with 100% of the other Flash files I've tried.)

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Charles, 

Having the player resize mid course is certainly new to me, so I think it's best if you can submit a Support case so that we can take a look at your files. I've seen maximum dimensions in Presenter for Flash - but can't find anything similar for Storyline outside of the standard Flash best practices.