Inserted video playback in LMS is either really blurry or way zoomed in

Hi All,

I have been having fits with a video tutorial.  My first try - I inserted the video to play when timeline starts, in the slide, but is very blurry when played back in LMS.  The second try - I set the video to play in separate browser window when clicked.  But this time the video is not blurry at all but it is so zoomed in that I can't see the whole video, even when the window is maximized.

Please help!  Either option is fine - but I need one option to work.  Ideally it would be best to open full screen and not be blurry and not zoomed out of view.

Thanks so much!

See attached files.

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Noel Read

Hi, published it as it was (but didn't upload to the LMS) and it worked as you want it to. Is it only not working when it's accessed via your LMS or is the issue also happening when you publish it and then play it locally?

It may be an issue with your LMS settings or the browser you are using, but I can't see that there would be any issues getting it to play in our LMS as it stands.

Becky Beyea

It previews fine.  When I publish and upload it to our LMS SumTotal - it blows up the video so large that it falls off the screen.  Is there a way to set the video inside Storyline 3 so that it can fix this issue?  Videos don't seem to have a lot of options inside Storyline.  I didn't create this video - a third party created it for us as part of a package of training for a software migration.  I tested it in Scorm Cloud and get the same result - very zoomed in.  I adjusted the optimization settings when published to about half.  Still no luck.

Advice anyone?

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Becky. It looks like the link above expired, but have no fear!

I changed the compression setting to None for file, Rev_Video_1_Getting_Started.story, using Storyline 3, Update 7. Then, I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud – you can view the published output right here!

Let us know if you notice any difference there. 🤞