Inserting a local web please

Nov 09, 2013

hello everyone,

here is my situation:

1.  i created a table in ms word 2013. the font i used was calibri - size 12.

2.  saved it with filename "index" with file type "web Page", ie index.html

3.  then, i inserted it as web object in storyline.

i was able to view it in storyline, but it lost the calibri font. it replaced it with something else, times new roman i guess.

in some rows of the table, the font type was different from the whole table.

i dont understand what is happening.  i hope someone can help me or advise what i am missing or doing wrong.

thank you very much for the attention.


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Michael Hinze

Hi, when you view the index.html directly in a browser, is the formatting as you would expect it? I find it hard to believe (but then again, nothing is impossible) that Storyline would somehow change the formatting of a webpage, rather than just displaying it as is.

I only have Word 2010. Here is a quick comparison between a simple table in Word and the sane table saved as a webpage and then inserted into Storyline via a webobject. Never mind that the dimensions don't match ( I scaled down the Word screenshot) but the fonts look identical to me. So, maybe the fonts are changed when the table is saved as a webpage in Word?

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