Inserting a screen recording

I've been trying to insert a screen recording unsuccessfully.  I am trying to insert the recording as Try Mode steps, and while I have other recordings that have imported just fine, I have tried this one many times without success.  It simply won't create the slides even though I get the full progress bar that shows it is creating each of 5 slides in turn.    I've tried adding to both an existing scene and a new scene, and I have restarted both Storyline 2 and my computer more than once, but it just isn't happening.

The strange thing is, I was able to insert the recording as a video, but when I select any of the step by step options, it will not insert into my presentation.

Any ideas?

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Josh Uhlig

Alright, it seems the quicker option was to re-record and insert the new recording.  It was a bit of a pain due to trying to get everything in the exact same spot as the first recording, but I got it right after 3 tries.  No issue with this new recording. 

Still frustrated by the first one not working though. grrrr..

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Josh,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior with your screen recording - if you had inserted it as a video, I'd be curious if you could share the .story file as it would be included in the record screen drop down, and I'd like to see what happens when trying to insert it again. 

You may also want to try importing it into a new project file as described here.