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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Angies.  I wanted to share some ideas with you that might help you save some time.  Did you know that Storyline has both pre-built question slides and the ability to create freeform quiz slides that you can fully customize?  Add a results slide, and you've created a trackable quiz right in Storyline.  You might be able to create this entire course just using Storyline.

To answer your initial question, Storyline interactions can't be imported into Quizmaker unless they are already published and hosted on the web, and then inserted as a web object.  That's a little intense for a cover slide! 

Tell me a little more about how you're designing your course, and I'll try to make sure you have the resources you need!

Angies Smith

Hello Crystal, thank you for your detailed response. Yes, I was thinking that publishing to the web was the way to go but I couldn't get that to work. I actually was wanting to have this quick game activity to serve as my intro slide ( something fun) before my learners would access the quiz.

I am finally venturing back into the world of Articulate after several years away!! So much has changed. Any friendly advice would be much appreciated. Feeling a big overwhelmed at the moment but excited.

Crystal Horn

Aw, I understand completely.  Well, one thing at a time.  We're always here to give you a hand, and as you know, this community is awesome.

So, I would recommend keeping your fun activity as an intro in Storyline, and if you already have your quiz built in Quizmaker, import it into Storyline!  Let me know if that's not quite the right direction for you though, and we'll work through it together.  Welcome back! 💙