Inserting a vimeo video as an embedded web object

I have successfully followed instructions from this forum on how to embed a Youtube video as a web object in order that it can be published as html5 but cannot replicate this to embed a video on Vimeo.  Please can someone give me the code equivalent to toallow me to do this.

Many thanks

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Alex Nevels

I probably should have read that post a bit better.

When we have Vimeo videos embedded, there is an inconsistent grey rule that shows up around the web object (the web object plays fine). Sometimes it's grey, sometimes it's white, and sometimes it's black. 

The dimensions of the video and the dimensions of the web object are the same.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Alex -- Thanks so much for the clarification and I am glad we are now on the same page! It looks like similar question was asked over here in this thread and there are links to some suggestions you can try to remove the rule/line around your web object. Please let us know if that helps or if you still need assistance! :)

Chris Dorna

I have embedded a Vimeo video as a webobject ( on a layer.

I want to play the module as html5 (my customer doe not like Flash) so I changed this line in the imsmanifest.xml:

<resource identifier="__5WCuNR3KW93_course_id_RES" type="webcontent" href="index_lms_html5.html" adlcp:scormtype="sco">.

When I play the module in SCORM Cloud or Moodle the layer comes up, but I cannot start the video (it looks like the Vimeo player is not accessible.

claudia lópez

Buenos días, tengo un pequeño problema y espero que me puedan ayudar con eso.
Necesito ocultar los controladores avanzados de un video de Vimeo incrustado como un objeto web, al configurar el control = 1 el parámetro genera un error para Chrome, pero me permite verlo en Internet Explorer, en este caso, también desactiva la reproducción y pausar controladores (para los videos de YouTube, el parámetro controles = 1, oculta todos los controladores, pero permite la acción de reproducir y pausar desde el teclado y la reproducción automática inicia automáticamente el video). ¿Hay un parámetro compatible para todos los navegadores que hacen lo que necesito, ocultar controladores avanzados de video, dejar que se reproduzca y pausar y reproducir automáticamente los videos de Vimeo incrustados como un objeto web?
Esta es la dirección que estoy agregando con los siguientes parámetros:


Katie Riggio

Hello, Claudia. Happy to help look into this with you!

It sounds like your embedded Vimeo video does not play automatically in Chrome even with the parameter, but it does auto-play in IE. Is that right?

If so, we're investigating why this behavior changed. I'll add your experience to this issue's report so we can update you with any new developments!

If that's not quite right, could you share just the video's URL so we can take a closer look and test those parameters? Here's how to get that detail. Also, is the video on the first slide of your project?

We'll figure this out together!