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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Vin,

Just curious, where is the HTML file located for the Storyline course? Make sure it's on your local hard drive and not on a network drive, USB drive, or any other external source. Also, it may help to make sure that the directory name/file path doesn't contain any special characters, such as underscores, spaces, etc. 

If that doesn't help, can you tell me where you see the error? Are you seeing this as soon as you insert the path to the HTML file?


Christine Hendrickson


I don't see any file that's been renamed to index.html in the image you shared. Are you actually going to the file and renaming it, or are you just entering that when you try to add the link to the file? 

Make sure you're renaming the file in the folder before you try to point to it. Also, the one you want to rename will be "Story" - it won't display HTML in the file name, but it will in the description. It's the fifth one down in the list of items you posted. 

This is where you would need to rename the file:

To rename the file, just right-click on it and then select "Rename". You'll need to enter "index", without the quotes for the name.

In some cases, if you add ".html" to the file name, it'll actually see it as "index.html.html", so try not to add the additional .html tag. If this happens, you'll get a popup stating the folder can't be found, or it doesn't exists, etc.