Inserting audio into slide


I created a teaching lecture with 140 slides. Many of them have voice narration and work well.

However, for one slide I cannot insert a (short) audio file. The format for all is .mp3 and worked well for all of the slides except for this one. I also had my narrator re-record the file and it just would not work. When it is embedded into the file no audio is inserted (with the old and re-recorded files). 

I also tried to insert these two audio files into a new presentation and it just won't work. 

Any idea why this may be happening?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Achikam, 

Does it show that it has been inserted and it just won't play? A quick workaround, would be if you could play the audio outside of Storyline and record it using the built in Storyline feature. 

If you share a bit more about what's happening (error messages, audio appears, but just doesn't play, etc.), that may help in finding other troubleshooting ideas. If you're able, you can also share your .story file (or the specific slide) with the audio here or send it to us privately so that we can take a look. 

Achikam Oren-Gribnerg

Thanks for your help.

no error message.

the file appears to be inserted into the slide, but no audio is uploaded.

this is a professionally narrated audio for a professional website, so re-recording it does not sound as a good solution for me.

i would love to share it privetaly - how do I go about doing it?