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Graham Batte

Barry or Leslie,

Was there ever a resolution to this?  I have a client who is going to be providing AVI files for inclusion in a program, and I am trying to do some reading to get out in front of an issue for a change!  I read some of the other posts regarding file conversions and some of the problems associated with the GoTo Meeting codec, and was wondering if this was a related issue, or something else entirely.  This is the only post I have seen so far that addresses a file that is initially an AVI file, as opposed to one that has been converted from some other format...


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Graham,

I don't see anything further from Barry on this issue, but if you're concerned about the codec or how they'll play within your Storyline course, have you looked into using a software such as Handbrake to convert the videos (it's a free download)?  If you insert the AVI and you're still unable to play it within the published output there is a article here documenting a few troubleshooting steps. 

Karuna Reddygari

Hello Everyone,

We are in the process of moving our flash content to HTML5. I have exported all of the non interactive flash files videos ( .AVI format). But the file size seems to be very big.

I have to insert these avi files around 5MB each to a course that will be published as Html5 output.

I heard that AVI files will not be played in mobile devices. Is this true?

My course have around 10 video files (.AVI). Will I get any problem to play these in mobile devices.

I can convert these files into MP4 (much reduced size around 600 KB) but I wonder if there is any quality compromise. Please let me know the best practice to insert the video files into a storyline 360 course.