Inserting Camtasia video into Storyline

I am inserting a Camtasia video (the published mp4 file)  into Storyline. The .camproj was produced with a controller that I want to see in Storyline. 

When I insert the Camtasia mp4 file into Storyline there is no controller.  It looks to me like the controller is a separate .swf file (...controller.swf)?  Then I tried inserting both the mp4 and controller.swf file into Storyline and that didn't work either.

Can anyone please help me get the controller into Storyline?


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Diane McKeon

Thank-you.  I finally figured out the easiest way is to insert the controller after I insert the published Camtasia video file INTO Storyline.


1. Produce Camtasia to mp4 without a controller.

2. Insert video file into Storyline.

3. Select the video and then select Options and check checkbox for Show Video Controls