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Peter Anderson

Hey Janet!

Here's how to add and edit markers in Storyline.

You can also include an image or a movie within the marker's pop-up label. Here's how:

  1. Select the marker on the slide.

  2. On the Format tab, click Media.

  3. Choose any of the following:

    • Picture from File: This allows you to insert an image that's currently stored on your computer.

    • Video from File: This allows you to insert a movie that's currently stored on your computer.

    • Video from Website: This allows you to insert a movie that's hosted on a website where embed codes are provided (such as ScreenrVimeo, or YouTube).

    • Record Webcam: This allows you to insert a video from your webcam.

Once you've added an image or a movie to a marker, you can make adjustments or edits as needed. You'll just need to select the marker on your slide, then select the file or movie and choose the Format tab. For more guidance, check out the tutorials on Adjusting Properties for Pictures, Screenshots, and CharactersEditing Videos; and Adjusting Video Properties.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ina,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

It seems there is only the option to add one image to a marker using the built in insert media option.

You could create a custom "marker" using the hover state of a button and show additional elements such as image within a layer once the marker is clicked. In this thread Becky shared two examples of how she set up some custom markers.

Best of luck with the project and have a great day!


Don Adams


Once an image is inserted, is there a way to reposition the image or speed up its display.  

I am inserting a 60 X 80 pixel image into a marker and when it displays it is no longer in the bottom left of the marker window (although it appears so before I run preview).  I have a list of names and by each name a marker with an image of the person.  When I preview the program, the image of the individual appears a distance above the marker, and by position is associated with a different name.  There is also a time delay after either hovering or selecting the marker during run time.



Don Adams

Thanks Leslie,  but I gave up trying to make changes to the marker too soon.  I now see that I can grab an invisible outline of the marker window and move it (I had been trying to reposition it using the white dot indicators which allowed size change but not position change).

Your quick response is so appreciated.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt, 

Have you tried dragging it or just trying the inline text options?  when I add an image into a marker I'm able to resize and move around by dragging it. It can only be moved around the label section and resized to fit the largest size of the marker - so if you need it to be larger than that, you'll need to resize the marker label size. If you're continuing to have difficulty can you confirm that you're working on files as described here.