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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mike,

I'm not familiar with that feature either, but a quick search leads me to believe that Microsoft Streams are not supported for external sharing outside of your organization. 

Do you get a .mp4 recording that you can include in your Storyline project?

I look forward to others chiming in to share their experience with this functionality. 

Adam Bayliss

Hi - I see this question is very new, I have the same question, so let me add something..

I've embedded an MS Stream file in this file:


In review, it asks for the user to sign in - on a computer in our network, the film plays.

Of course, we want to deliver it to external users, so this may not be the best solution :( 

When launching the same file from our LMS, the message ' requests to the server have been blocked by an extension ' appears. 

Embedding the films into Storyline isn't ideal, firstly for these reasons:

  • Server space on our LMS server is expensive
  • It isnt a streaming server, so it doesnt have Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Security - its fairly simple to download the whole video file  

Any ideas where the error message comes from would be welcome. I have tested in diffrenet browsers, so I'm fairly sure that the extension that is blocking it isnt local to my PC

Thanks for any further advice - where would you recommend streaming from?


Halyna Sukhomlyna

Hello, I am testing this feature at the moment hoping to reduce the file sizes in Storyline (will try to report later).

Adam, our company has been embedding from Vimeo very successfully. In Vimeo, you can authorize platforms for embedding, and articulate can be manually added as an authorized platform. We did not encounter any troubles.