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Alyssa Gomez

Absolutely! Are you looking to create a custom feedback layer on a Multiple Choice slide, like Slide 1.10 for example?

If so, you'll want to make changes to the Feedback Master - this is what controls what the Correct and Incorrect layers look like. If you would like, you can remove the gray box and text from the Feedback Master so the master will be completely blank. Then you can add custom feedback directly to the Incorrect layer of each quiz slide. 

Maybe you can share a bit more about what you want the custom feedback to look like (with a specific slide number), and someone from the community can offer their design ideas!

John Backewich

Thanks, yes, if you look at slides 1.12 and 1.13 ( i just added this), I would like 1.13 to be a review slide in respect to the answer given in quiz question 1.12. Regarding the Feedback master, I will play with that a bit and then ask a question, if required, at that time.

Thanks so very much. 

Alyssa Gomez

It seems we replied at the same time. :)

Yes, you are correct. You wouldn't want to add the image to the Feedback Master because that image would show up on every Incorrect layer, not just on Slide 1.12 Incorrect layer. Instead, you can put the image directly on Slide 1.12 Incorrect layer. I've attached an example of this here. 

Or, you can keep the design you have in your previous attachment, because that works just as well. :)

John Backewich

Ok, I just removed the feedback master image and adjusted the individual correct/incorrect triggers to either jump to 1.14 or 1.13 based on the users choice. I think I nailed it. What a great feeling when I do it right (with your assistance of course). Any other ideas will be readily accepted, of course.

Thanks again...