Inserting screen recording as step-by-step slides doesn't work

I recorded my screen and would like to insert the recording as step-by-step slides but this doesn't work. I can insert it as a video on a single slide without problems but inserting it as step-by-step slides to either a new scene or a existing one doen't do anything. It just says it's inserting but when the dialog window dissapears there is no new scene and no step-by-step slides.

Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong?

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Christie Pollick
Leslie McKerchie

Hi Daniel! 

Due to the troubleshooting you have already performed and the continued difficulty, I think it would be best if you work directly with our support team.

I have opened a case on your behalf with the details and the file shared here and you should be hearing from someone soon.

I will follow along as well.

Indrani Sen

Hi Leslie,

I do not have a  problem inserting an action oriented slide (like adding animation to a shape or inserting an excel formula.  However  I am having problem with a static page.  I actually have a single PDF file, and I would like to show users how to interpret this shot.  So basically it is just pointing to different sections of this page and showing users what each page means.  I did try this aim and point with the 'record screencast' but somehow it does not work.  Do you have any ideas?  Thanks,

Indrani Sen

Hmm..looks good.  However  I wanted it like the 'Try it' mode with feedback.and hints .just like the example showing video screencast with 'View Mode' and' Try Mode' steps.  It will be so helpful if I have the highlights and automatic feedback just like the video showing creating animation in powerpoint.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Doris,

Sorry to hear that you are having a similar issue. I took a look at the support case we had with Daniel and it doesn't look like we heard back from him to verify a solution.

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Are you getting a blank scene as was originally described here?
  • Does this happen in a new file as well or just the one you're working on currently?