Inserting Storyline Slide Numbers

Dec 10, 2012

Hello all,

I'm working in Storyline and have found that it does not display slide numbers. I've looked around on some of the other blogs about this and have come to the conclusion that it is not an easy task. Can anyone advise me on how to insert slide numbers without having to put a text box into every single slide? My projects are over 150 slides and that is just not feasible. 

Thank you!!!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tsvety, 

No slide numbers in Storyline 360 - although you'll see lots of ways to do it based on using variables or a manual entry. It's an often discussed feature request here in ELH. Storyline is designed to be non-linear though, and based on the number of workarounds available it's continued to be something that seems to work best based on those available. We'd love to hear more thoughts on how this could dramatically impact your workflow and course development in a Feature request here

Matt McGuire

Hi Ashley-

I get the intent of Storyline is to give you the option to create non-linear courses, but 90% of my courses are compliance based, so they are fairly linear.  I can't understand why Articulate won't at least build something in to Storyline that gives you the option to have automatic page numbers displayed.  You could turn it off or no, depending on your needs, but to not even offer this as a built in functionality is beyond me.  I'm a huge fan of Storyline, I love the product, but this one is a puzzler to me.  The work-arounds presented here are great, but it's a boatload of work that could be eliminated. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

When our team evaluates features they use the criteria here, and this one has been low on the list for a bit based on the availability of workarounds and the non-linear nature with which Storyline was designed.

As more and more folks have moved to Storyline from Studio, this feature request has seen a bit more prominence and something our team is still discussing. So in short, not yet on the roadmap, but we'll let you know if that changes. 

John Blum

When I first started using Storyline in 2013, this feature of inserting slide numbers was needed but unavailable.  Ashley, don't you think it's time Articulate made this feature available?  Remember, just because a feature is needed doesn't mean the users are going to request it. Most of the Storyline users I've worked with don't make requests for new features -- they just accept Storyline the way it is and do without.

And if Articulate is going to make the slide numbers available, they may want to make the scene numbers available, and the scene number / slide number as in Story View available, too.

An alternative to or in addition to the slide numbers is to provide a gauge feature, with format options. 

Thank  you,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there John,

I really appreciate you sharing your feedback. We know slide numbering is a feature that has been requested for a while. I imagine many users would appreciate this feature being added in the future!

Thanks for letting us know you'd like to see Scene numbers, too. Can you tell me more about your gauge idea? How would that work?


John Blum

Hi Alyssa,

Any type of gauge would do -- a simple horizontal bar that grows like the seekbar does, or custom versions like a dial (like the gas gauge in a car).  Do a Google or Duck Duck Go search for gauge or for meter, and look at the image results.  Captivate has a bar indicator.

So why not provide the means to have the gauge feature, and with the capability to be customized any way a person wants?

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

A quick update here for you all - 

Storyline 360 now has slide numbers! 🌟 

For more details, check out the following discussions and examples:

Thanks for sticking with us while our team determined the best method to implement this feature! 

Tsvety P.

THANK YOU! I've already checked it out - used it for displaying progress of a learner, drawing 15 random questions out of question bank with 150 available. It works well and as expected. Implementation is not that complicated as long as you decide what you need to accomplish. Haven't checked, yet the % of completion mode, though.
I did find, though, that inserting/using the Project.Slide.Title variable is not working as expected - it's not exported into the Print Results feature, nor the results on the LMS  :( it reads as %Project.Slide.Title% in the printed results page and on the collected data on the LMS.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Tsvety! Thanks for checking out the new Slide Numbers feature! 

Can you tell me more about how you used the %Project.Slide.Title% variable reference? Did you use it in the question text? If you can share a screenshot of the problem, that would be even better.

I'd like to test this on my side to recreate the problem you're seeing. If this is a bug, we'll want to get it reported so we can begin looking at next steps. 

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