Inserting .SWF file into Storyline

Aug 09, 2013


As part of my testing for the course I am developing, I came across an issue today.

I have three very short videos inserted as .mp4's into my course.

Five of my testers were able to view this video without any problem (it plays automatically when they hit the slide however one of my testers could hear the audio but could not see the video.

The testing was done via our LMS. It has come to light in recent weeks that .flv files (and mp4 it would now seem) are not part of my organizations SOE.

.SWF apparently, however, is considered SOE.

When I republished the file as an .swf and attempt to re-upload, naturally enough, its a massive file and makes it impossible to upload and subsequently too difficult to download from the user perspective from our LMS.

Any suggestions on how I could compress the file - there doesnt seem to be the functionality to do so within Storyline!

Any thoughts welcome! 

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Adrian Dean

Hi Jodie,

The ability to publish to a single SWF file would make a great feature request. As of right now, it's not currently possible. The content Storyline produces is geared toward being universal for both Flash, HTML5, and iOS, which is why a series of files and folders are seen in the published output.

There may be some creative solutions that those in the community can offer.


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