Inserting Videos into Storyline 2

Sep 02, 2016

We are running into a problem trying to insert videos into Storyline2.


We create a new slide
We insert the video
We do a preview and the video plays just fine
We then publish the project to a network share and can see other slide content.
When we get to the video slide it’s just blank or if we include video controls the controls are there but the video itself is blank

The video file is a .wmv which plays just fine on the computer itself. We have tried this as a .MP4 file and we get the same result.


As a work around we tried creating a hyperlink on a slide to the video file on the network share but that also appears to not work correctly? When we put in the hyperlink Storylink changes the link?


So a couple questions we have:


Is there a troubleshooting resource someone can link for troubleshooting video insertion issues with Storyline?
Does storyline support linking content from windows shares using a unc path as a clickable hyperlink in the slide?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Janell.  I concur 100% with Walt and Phil on this.  You'll want to upload that content to its publish environment to ensure that it runs properly. 

If you're going to run your course locally, even for just a preview, be sure to publish for CD so that you don't get hung up with browser security issues.  You can open and double-click the Launch_Story.exe file to initiate the course.

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