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Tracey Stokely

I added a youtube video as a web object (followed the directions Storyline's instructions at https://www.articulate.com/support/storyline-2/how-to-add-a-youtube-video-sl2 ) and the video plays locally but will NOT play in Scorm Cloud nor in our LMS. I have Storyline 2 Update 9.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Tracey -- Thanks for your reply! First, I would like to mention in case you were unaware, when you reply to a forum notification via email, the details and confidentiality statements in your signature are visible here in the post. In the interests of protecting your privacy, you are welcome to click here to be taken to the post itself, and then simply hit EDIT to remove those details.

My apologies that I did not realize you were finding the same in the SCORM Cloud, and as such, I feel it would be beneficial if our Support Engineers were able to take a closer look for your. Please use this form to upload your file, and if you'd like to stop in to share your case number, we will gladly follow along!