inseting a PFD as a web object


I work with storyline 1.

I have two questions about inserting a pdf as a web object into my course:


1. On some of the computers I checked, the pdf appears in an
inappropriate proportion or is not aligned to the center.

Is there a way to control how the pdf will appear to the learner?


2. I would like to give the student an instruction on top of the pdf
itself when he presses a certain button. When I tried to add a layer or
object to the actual pdf, nothing could be seen. Is this possible?


Thank you, Efrat

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Efrat, thanks for reaching out! 

The web object should appear in the exact place where you added it to the slide, so I wouldn't expect it to be misaligned. Are you seeing this happen after the course was published? If so, was the published course hosted on a web server or a learning management system?

In regards to the layered text not appearing, my hunch is you're viewing the Flash output. Have a look at this chart which explains how objects layered on top of web objects behave in published courses.




Objects layered on top of website videos and web objects will remain in front of videos/web objects in HTML5 output.


Website videos and web objects will temporarily move to the front of the slide when learners hover over or interact with them.

When learners are no longer hovering over website videos or web objects, they’ll return to their original positions behind other objects on the slide.

Articulate Mobile Player (AMP)

Website videos and web objects will always be the topmost items in the Articulate Mobile Player app. Other objects can't be layered over them.