I was looking at a gym website and thought this page was quite a neat idea:

So I decided to try and turn it into a Storyline story. I've attached my attempt. I'm sure there are probably neater/better ways of achieving this so any suggestions/improvements welcomed - just thought I'd share it in case anyone finds it useful.

NB: I haven't added in the 'more' information pages at this point.



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Greg Cannon

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your comments. I put transparent shapes over the box containing the text so you can still access the characters 'hidden' beneath the box containing text. This did stump me for a while as I wanted to keep it as close as possible to the original but overlaying transparent shapes seemed to do the trick. Of course this isn't directly obvious but nor is it in the original website (you can just see the names under the text box) so I think it would require a level of intuition (or instruction!)...

I first tried this using states with the text appearing as a hover state but I encountered issued due to the hover state appearing behind actual slide objects...hence why I ended up with layers and lots of state change triggers! 

It does seem to work ok but of course as always with these things they can be improved!

Jenny Carter

Hi Greg -

I had the same thoughts as Ashley.  Great design and concept.  I did find myself wanting a close button on the information pop up but quickly figured out just clicking on another area would close it.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Making the information box slightly transparent so you can still see who the people are behind the box.  Otherwise, it's just a guess at who is behind it.
  • Putting a brief line of instruction at the very top or bottom in the white space.
  • It also gave me an idea - if you had a video of each of them - when you clicked on their faces, it could be a trigger to play the video and they introduce themselves.  Or, just add a simple audio file that plays when the pop up appears.

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.