Installation is tiny, miniature, small on my computer screen?

Mar 17, 2019

I am reinstalling Articulate Storyline 1 on my computer after a 3-4 year hiatus and the application appears very small, miniature, tiny on my laptop screen.  I can hardly read it.

I also notice that there are no projects in the Open A Recent Project: Browse.  I also forget where to locate an old project and the naming convention.  From the research a lot of the files appear to be output files, but I'm not sure.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank you.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kevin. Thanks for those details! You may find that user interface elements in Storyline are small and difficult to read on high-resolution monitors—generally, monitors that are more than 2,000 pixels in width. You may need to reduce your screen resolution while working in Storyline. 

Recent projects will only show projects that have been opened in Storyline in the current installation. Storyline projects are saved by default in the Documents > My Articulate Projects folder. If you don't see them there, you can do a search in Windows Explorer for *.story.

Was this the original machine you used to create those files?

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